General Plumbing Services / Full Re Piping

General Plumbing Services

Comprehensive Plumbing In Manchester & Surrounding Areas

To arrange for general plumbing services in the Greater Manchester and North West area, let us know the type of plumbing work you need, and we will let you know how we can help. Our staff of highly trained engineers are all Gas Safe approved, insured and experienced in plumbing and gas services.

What Plumbing Services Do We Offer?

We have been working in the industry for years and have gained working experience in all fields of domestic plumbing. From straightforward tap replacement to complete bathroom plumbing installed from scratch, we can offer the full range of services you require. 

Whether it’s simple plumbing work or a large-scale job, we will undertake almost all types of general plumbing services. We also deal with burst pipes and frozen stopcocks, If you have issues with toilets that keep running, or that fail to flush, we will take a look at the cistern and water supply to ascertain the problem. We will give you an easy-to-understand quote so you know exactly the work costs before we begin

New Bathroom Or Kitchen Plumbing

If you are having a new extension built, or completely renovating a part of your home, you will need a plumber to install new pipework to the area from scratch. If you’re not sure what is involved, or what kind of work can be achieved, let us walk through the plans with you and suggest some ideas. With all our years’ worth of experience in plumbing, we may come up with something you had never thought of.

Domestic Repiping Services Throughout Manchester

Do you need re-piping work done in your home or business? Call SH Plumbing & Heating Ltd and we will take a look at what you need and give you a transparent quote for the work you require. Once we understand what is required, we can let you know the processes involved and the time scale of the job. Our engineers are highly trained and well experienced with all aspects of home repiping. 

What Is Home Repiping?

To repipe a property means to replace the existing plumbing pipework with new material. There are many reasons why this needs to be done, but it is not usually done without some consideration. If the original plumbing is very old, then repiping is recommended to update the system and to stop it from failing and causing leaks. To solve corrosion problems or severely reduced water flows, repiping can be the best answer. We have experience when it comes to installing new water pipes of all kinds. 

If you are doing some extensive remodelling on a property, then this is a good time to replace old pipes with new ones. It will minimise problems in the future and gives you the ideal opportunity to change the layout of pipework if it has proven problematic in the past. Repiping can also offer the chance to hide the pipes in the walls or under the floor if they were previously on show and unsightly to improve the appearance of your home.

What Kind Of Pipes Can You Have Installed? 

When you are having repiping done, different material can be used to the original material your system was fitted with. With the latest materials at our fingertips, we can suggest the best kind for your repiping work. There is the traditional copper piping, as well as plastic to choose between. The pros and cons of each kind can be explained to you and the best solution can be discussed. We know the right way to repipe a property to do the job properly, and we will explain the process to you from the beginning.

Once the new pipes have been installed into your property, the water supply is restored and the whole system is thoroughly inspected for leaks. The water pressure to the taps is checked as well to ensure everything is working properly.

Replumbing Your House

Whatever your reason for needing repiping completed in your home, here at MCR Gas, we can be relied upon to finish the work to a high standard and to your complete satisfaction. Replumbing a property can become a complicated job and cause massive complications and excess emergency plumbing costs if done incorrectly. This means that it is crucial you find a qualified and trusted engineer to complete your work.

How Long Will House Repiping Take?

A complete property repipe can take anywhere for a few days to a week to a few weeks depending on the property size. Smaller homes can be repiped in as little as two days. Homes with multiple bathrooms can take much longer. Here at SH Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we understand the importance of clarity on how long your job will take. While repiping work is being carried out, you can be left without plumbing facilities. We aim to carry out the job as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimise your inconvenience.  Contact us today for a free quote on your repiping work.

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